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  • Name: Air Dryer Filter
  • Part No.: FF5150
  • Remark: For use on System Saver 1800 Series air dryers. Can be retrofitted to an existing SS1200 air dryer to increase drying capacity.
  • Height (mm):245
  • Outer Diameter (mm):136
    OEM Number
  • WABCO AIR DRYER  R950048
  • Air Dryer Dessicant Cartridge for 1800 Series  Meritor Wabco
  • Owner Number
  • Meritor Wabco  S4324130390
  • Meritor Wabco  S4324130410
  • Meritor Wabco  S4324130430
  • Meritor Wabco  S4324130450
  • Meritor Wabco  S4324130590
  • Meritor Wabco  S4324130610
  • Meritor Wabco  S4324130630
  • Meritor Wabco  S4324130650
  • Applications
    Model EngineDisplacementPowerHpTypeYear


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