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Filter technical requirements

发布时间:7/29/2020 4:39:40 PM

air filter
The car air filter is located in the engine's air intake system. It is an assembly composed of one or several clean air filter components. It is mainly responsible for removing particulate impurities in the air. Its main function is to filter out harmful impurities in the air that will enter the cylinder to reduce early wear and oxidation of the cylinder, piston, piston ring, valve and valve seat.
Before the air enters the cylinder, it must be finely filtered by the air filter before entering the cylinder. The quality of the air filter is related to the life of the engine. If a dirty air filter is used in a car, it will cause insufficient intake of the engine and incomplete fuel combustion, resulting in unstable engine operation, decreased power, and increased fuel consumption. Therefore, the car must keep the air filter clean, of course, it must also choose the quality assurance, good reputation air filter brand.
There are two types of air filters, namely dry and wet:
Dry air filter
It is a filter that separates impurities in the air through a dry filter element (such as a paper filter element). The air filters used in light vehicles (including cars and mini vehicles) are generally single-stage. Its shape is oblate or oval and flat. The filter material is filter paper or non-woven fabric. The end cover of the filter element is made of metal or polyurethane, and the shell material is metal or plastic. Under the rated air volume flow, the original filtration efficiency of the filter element should not be less than 99.5%. Heavy-duty vehicles must have a majority of air filters due to the harsh working environment. The first stage is a cyclone prefilter (such as blade ring, cyclone tube, etc.), which is used to filter out coarse particles and impurities, with a filtration efficiency of more than 80%. The second stage fine filter is a microporous paper filter element (generally called the main Filter element), its filtration efficiency is over 99.5%. There is also a safety filter element after the main filter element, which is used to prevent dust from entering the engine when the main filter element is installed and replaced, or when the main filter element is accidentally damaged. The material of the safety core is mostly non-woven fabric, and some use filter paper.
Wet air filter
Including oil-immersed type and oil-bath type. The oil-immersed filter element separates the impurities in the air through an oil-immersed filter element. The filter element is made of metal wire fabric and foamed material. The oil bath type is to introduce the dusty air sucked in into the oil pool to remove most of the dust, and then the air with oil mist flows upwards through a filter element made of metal wire for further filtering, and the oil droplets are blocked. The dust returns to the oil sump together. Oil-bath air filters are generally used in agricultural institutions and marine power.
HIGHFIL filter: air filter
Technology and process assurance
The HIGHFIL air filter is specially designed to prevent the particle size that can cause the greatest damage to the engine. During the validity period, we always ensure that the engine air consumption requirement can be met, and by increasing the folding area, curing and accurate pressure Flower (to ensure its geometric stability, even in wet and pressure conditions can still ensure its working performance) and other complex processes containing technology to ensure that the above performance can be achieved.
Robust and reliable material selection
HIGHFIL also fully considers different use conditions (such as extreme cold and extreme heat) in the selection of materials, and uses imported hot melt adhesive to ensure the most reliable performance under any possible conditions—100%, sealed.
Strict tolerances,
The installation dimensions of HIGHFIL perform its production process with a tolerance higher than that of the host design to ensure the matching and safe sealing of the filter element and the housing.
Flame retardant
To prevent abnormal objects (such as external fire), HIGHFIL air filter products adopt a special impregnation process to ensure that it is flame-retardant, prevent the possibility of combustion in any state, and avoid threats to property and life to cars and people.
Reliable connection
HIGHFIL uses a high-performance adhesive bonding process to ensure the direct inflow of unclean air at the filter paper joints of some ring filters. Inferior products often adopt staple or direct in-line folding. In the case of increased pressure, the method often causes cracks or gaps to allow dirty air to enter directly without filtering
Water stability
Even under severe conditions with high water vapor humidity, the special media of the HIGHFIL air filter can still maintain geometric stability and good filtering performance because the filter paper is properly impregnated.
Air filter replacement cycle
It is generally recommended that the customer replace it every 15,000 kilometers. Vehicles whose air filters often work in harsh environments should be replaced no more than 10,000 kilometers. (Deserts, construction sites, etc.). The service life of the air filter is 30,000 kilometers for cars and 80,000 kilometers for commercial vehicles.
Filtration requirements for filters
1. High filtration accuracy: filter out all larger particles (>1- 2 um)
2. High filtration efficiency: reduce the number of particles passing through the filter.
3. Prevent early wear of the engine. Prevent damage to the air flow meter!
4. The low pressure difference ensures that the engine has the best air-fuel ratio. Reduce filtration loss.
5. Large filtering area, high ash holding capacity and long service life. Reduce operating expenses.
6. Small installation space and compact structure.
7. The wet stiffness is high to prevent the filter element from deflating and causing the filter element to be broken down.
8. Flame retardant
9. Reliable sealing performance
10. Good price
11. No metal structure. It is environmentally friendly and can be reused. Conducive to storage.
Regular maintenance and replacement of the air filter
Always pay attention to keeping the air filter clean. Clean the air filter element every 5000km; use compressed air to blow away the dust. After every 15000km, the air filter element should be replaced.
The maintenance of the air filter includes: Check whether the air filter housing is dented or damaged. If so, it should be repaired or replaced. Clean the filter element by blowing compressed air from the inside to the outside. If the filter element is damaged or too dirty, the filter element should be replaced. Check the sealing gaskets at the connections of each part. If they are damaged or have poor sealing, they should be replaced. [1] 
Oil filter
Engine oil (lubricating oil) plays the vital role of lubrication, cooling, cleaning, corrosion protection and sealing in the protection of the engine; and only clean engine oil can complete the above work. Therefore, the overall performance of the oil and the oil filter is the decisive factor that determines the life of the lubricating oil to protect the engine. In any case, it is unwise to choose high-quality oil while using inferior oil filters.
The precision, reliability, and life of modern engines depend on the degree of maintenance of the lubricating oil; and the performance of the lubricating oil depends on the quality of the lubricating oil itself and the quality of the filter. A good filter must be selected when using a good oil;
In daily use, modern engines have to withstand various loads. The oil filter plays a very important role in protecting the engine; in the case of cold starts, frequent restarts, short distance driving, and high speed driving on highways , The oil filter should ensure the best oil supply;
Design parameters of the oil filter: oil flow, replacement interval (km, working hours), filtration efficiency, ash capacity, allowable pressure difference, oil type, oil temperature;
Types of oil filters: filter element type (developed countries), spin-on type (underdeveloped countries including China).
Key components of spin-on oil filter: solid shell, bypass valve, check valve, magic filter paper, center tube, and sealing ring.
Comparison of HIGHFIL oil filter and inferior oil filter:
HIGHFIL filter uses high-efficiency filter media, high filtration accuracy, strong dirt holding capacity, strong resistance to corrosive chemicals, and uses a solid shell with a high-quality appearance, a bypass valve with accurate opening pressure and the best performance The check valve (the composition is silica gel, the best performance).
Inferior filters do not have a stable folded bubble structure, and have low dirt holding capacity, unable to trap smaller particles, and the filter element is easily broken. Inferior filter housing has many shortcomings. When using inferior sealing materials, there may be a risk of oil leakage at the connection between the filter housing and the engine. In addition, the surface protection is insufficient, and water splashes can cause rust. , This will also lead to oil leakage. Finally, if the thickness is not enough or poor-quality shell materials are used, it may cause the filter to burst and the engine will be seriously damaged. When using a low-quality filter, the bypass valve may not open quickly or at all. The engine runs for a period of time without any lubrication, which will cause serious damage to the engine, and the bypass valve may close at a speed Slowly or not at all, the unfiltered oil continues to enter the oil circulation, thereby increasing engine wear.
Inferior oil filter will cause great damage to the vehicle, it will cause the car to wear, block the upper oil passage, cause oil pressure disorder, and damage the base screw rod.
Fuel Filter
The fuel filter filters out harmful particles and water in the engine fuel gas system to protect the fuel pump nozzle, cylinder liner, piston ring, etc., reduce wear and avoid clogging. Remove the iron oxide, dust and other solid impurities contained in the fuel to prevent the fuel system from clogging (especially the fuel injector). Reduce mechanical wear, ensure stable engine operation, and improve reliability.
Even though the diesel is cleaned by sedimentation and filtration before being added to the diesel engine fuel tank, during the refueling process, due to factors such as refueling tools, refueling environment, and unclean fuel tank ports, the diesel will still be contaminated, and during the operation of the diesel engine, due to The impurities deposited in the fuel system and the suspended particles in the air will also pollute the diesel. Therefore, the diesel filter on the car is essential, not to mention that the diesel is not necessarily really clean before being added to the fuel tank.
There are three types of fuel filters: diesel filters, gasoline filters and natural gas filters.
The necessity of using fuel filter:
Modern automobile engines are products that meet the requirements of high efficiency and high cleanliness. In order to obtain the best performance of these engines and prevent damage to sensitive parts, absolutely clean fuel must be used. Only high-quality fuel filters can be used. Ensure the cleanliness of the fuel.
During production, transportation, storage, handling and fuel replenishment, dust, particles and water will be mixed into the fuel. These impurities will wear and corrosion-sensitive injection systems, valves, and engine parts that are used to deliver fuel and require lubrication. To filter out these impurities from the fuel, it is necessary to use a high-quality fuel filter. Dirty fuel flows into the filter. The impurities are filtered out and only clean fuel enters. In order to ensure filtration efficiency, the fuel filter must be replaced regularly. Device.
The HIGHFIL filter enables the fuel to meet the requirements of today's engines.
The HIGHFIL filter uses the newly developed multigrade composite filter media, now it can filter almost 100% of the finest particles. The multigrade structure of multigrade composite filter media means that unheard of filtration efficiency can be obtained. The purity of the fuel filtered by the HIGHFIL filter is high, so it can ensure the maximum output power of the engine and prevent the wear and corrosion of the injection system.
HIGHFIL filter has extremely high dirt holding capacity, can provide the best particle filtration efficiency, can almost completely separate the water, obtain the ideal fuel temperature, and extend the engine life. HIGHFIL filters can provide a complete product series with host matching quality and timely delivery.
For diesel engines, the HIGHFIL filter can also provide another important function, water separation. The multigrade composite filter media can separate almost all the water in the fuel. The water will be collected in the water tank, and the water will be discharged from the drain valve here, which can protect the injection system from rust.
Air conditioning filter
Reasons for using air-conditioning filters: In an urban environment, high concentrations of harmful substances enter the compartment through the car's ventilation system. In many cases, the concentration of harmful substances in the compartment is even much higher than the concentration of harmful substances outside the car windows. In the spring and summer, the dust concentration in the air in the car rises, which can cause allergic reactions. Particles and gases are sucked into the ventilation system of the car. If the cabin air conditioning filter is not installed, these particles and gases will still enter the driver. In an air-conditioned car, when the cooling system is contaminated, the performance of the system will decrease, and the pollution in the car will increase. Drivers and passengers inhale contaminated air. This dirty air will eventually enter their lungs, ozone and exhaust gas. It usually causes allergies and inflammation. Particulate filters and combined filters can prevent such situations. Particulate filters can filter dust, smoke, dust, and other solid substances. These filters help reduce allergic reactions. , Protect the respiratory tract, and maintain the air conditioning system of the vehicle to make the driving environment more comfortable.
7-layer filter protection: The HIGHFIL filter contains activated carbon air-conditioning filter, which uses 7-layer filter material to protect the driver and passengers. Its materials are fully imported so far to ensure high-quality performance.
The guarantee of melt-blown technology: Even if there is no HIGHFIL filter with activated carbon (mainly for relatively low-end users), it can fully filter out most of the harmful substances all over the air. The trial of melt-blowing technology not only greatly increases the ash capacity, ensures the smooth gout of the air conditioner, but also makes the structure more solid.
The HIGHFIL filter uses optimized media to provide high particle filtration efficiency. The combined filter is a combined particle and gas filter. In addition to filtering particles, it can also absorb ozone, odors, and pollen in the atmosphere. , Exhaust gas, smoke, etc. will enter the car, and the air conditioning filter is the only filter that protects people, with the highest filtration accuracy.
Air conditioning filter replacement cycle
The service life of the air-conditioning filter: the better filter travels in kilometers, the better one is 15000 kilometers, the worse one needs to be replaced within 10000 kilometers, the worst is similar to a plug.
Replace the air-conditioning filter (activated carbon filter) every 15000 kilometers or at least once a year. The HIGHFIL air-conditioning filter can provide the highest filtration efficiency and the largest dust holding capacity to ensure that the most harmful effects can be absorbed under the condition of minimum pressure loss For gas and peculiar smell, a detailed instruction manual is attached. You can also check the installation method on the Manhu official website. Provide a more comfortable driving environment and better protect the air conditioning system in the car.
Multifunctional microbial air-conditioning filter
HIGHFIL filter exhibited the newly developed multifunctional air-conditioning filter "Frecious Plus" based on microbial technology at the Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Parts Exhibition. The HIGHFIL filter product adopts brand-new technology. Among them, the filter medium applied to polyphenols further improves the anti-allergic and antibacterial functions of the air-conditioning filter, and provides comprehensive protection for user health and automobile air-conditioning. This is the first time that this product series of HIGHFIL filters has been introduced into China.
The difference between good and bad
Inferior filters usually cannot completely separate the water, so water will penetrate the filter element, and water and fuel will enter the injection system together. The result is that the combustion process is affected and the firmware is rusted, because even a small amount of water can be very Fast damage to the extremely sensitive injection system. Another important function of the diesel filter is that the filter can maintain good working conditions at extremely low temperatures. The diesel will also appear waxy crystals at low temperatures. This will severely clog the filter, and the HIGHFIL filter can lead the hot diesel back to the filter to avoid clogging of the filter element.
Disadvantages of inferior filters: Inferior filter media cannot intercept particles, and the dirt holding capacity is usually low. The frequency of filter replacement is higher, because this type of filter blocks very quickly, and when fuel flows in, the resistance is more This may cause the vehicle to stall. What’s more serious is that after the filter medium is broken down, almost

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