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hydraulic filter element

发布时间:1/15/2020 12:00:00 AM

The used hydraulic filter element, the outer surface of the side contacting the atmosphere is dusty and the color is gray-black; the inner surface of the filter paper facing the air inlet should still be natural. After the dust on the outer surface of the filter element is removed, the natural color of the filter paper can be exposed, the filter element can continue to be used. When the outer surface of the filter element is cleared of dust, the paper color no longer appears, or the inner surface of the filter paper becomes dark, the filter element must be replaced.

Maintenance method of hydraulic highfil filter element:

When the hydraulic oil filter cannot be used to meet the designed flow rate (the pressure difference between the pressure gauge before and after the flow rate drops significantly), please open the filter after the shutdown, remove the  highfil filter element, rinse the surface with clean water, and then soak in 4% hydrochloric acid After 24 hours, soak in 4% sodium hydroxide for 24 hours, and then rinse with water.

 highfil Hydraulic oil filter storage method:

1 Soak the  highfil filter element in disinfectant and fill the filter stainless steel case with disinfectant.

2 Remove the highfil  filter element and dry it.

3 Remove the highfil filter element and dry it in a dry climate area.

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